Semester 2 – Day 44



I thought a nice little third law warm- up might be to have students calculate the reaction "Force" on Yoda as he uses The Force to levitate Luke's X-Wing fighter out of the swamp in Dagobah.

Basically, if The Force were a third-law obeying force, then Yoda would experience a force from the x-wing fighter that would accelerate such that they would meet at their common center of mass.

We asssumed myoda  is 25 kg and mx-wing is 5000 kg. Assuming that he accelerated the x-wing at 1 m/s2 , then he experiences an acceleration of 200 mm/s2 . This would have him cover a football field worth of distance in the first second. I claimed that Yoda would suffer severe bruising, yet my students claimed that he would use the force to stop himself...





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