Semester 2 – Day 40


Today is Pi day and also Einstein’s birthday. Because daylight savings time has completely messed up my students’ biological clocks, We decided as a class to have some fun in AP Physics.

First if it weren’t for rotational motion, Pi itself would still be an interesting number in this physicist’s opinion, but we like to USE things. I needed to make sure my students stay a little focused so we did a challenge out of Frank Noschese’s play book:

Next 2 of my students have been having a little competition over the past 2 months to see who can memorize more digits of Pi. I asked them last week if they’d be willing to put their maths where their mouths are and see who actually knew more digits in a little competition.

Of COURSE, I made some home-made pudding pies and my students brought in a few themselves.

The level of concentration was pretty high. I plan on editing the various short clips I shot into a movie to really capture the spirit of the thing. But for now all I can say is, wow, I have the coolest and the weirdest job in the world.

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