Semester 2 – Day 30


Students created videos today I wanted them to upload to Vine. (

Specifically I had an activity that I did last year that I wanted to move into this year.

They were to construct a situation using classroom materials whereby an object was to have three forces on it and then four forces on it, in equilibrium.

At least one of the forces in each situation had to be at an angle not 0 or 90 degrees.

Students then had to determine the magnitude and direction of all forces on their object.

They were to write out extremely detailed calculations and free body diagrams on a whiteboard.

finally they were to upload a video to Vine depicting the situation and their whiteboard explaining the direction and magnitude of each force.

I gave them a hashtag, #SHCphysics.

The activity put a lot of accountability on them and I am hoping that this will be an effective summative assessment.

I will be looking at the first person videos tomorrow.


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