Semester 2 – Day 28


Today has been an interesting day, in that my lesson went smoothly and was greatly facilitated by mobile technology.

Specifically, today was about practicing problems, and making sure students get immediate feedback on practice problems done in class.


I’ve been using my iPad mini in class and thanks to Reflector, Pencil, and  Explain Everything . Specifically I have noticed that my students when doing whiteboard warmups don’t like to hold up their whiteboards with answers.

Now I can circulate as I write and see if they are keeping up with the questions and I can give them formative feedback as I circulate and share my iPad screen as I am writing and modeling thinking aloud. It also controls student talking out loud when I am close to them as I write and I can keep tabs on students who are not writing as I ask questions. This subtle shift has been immensely helpful.


Today I tried a little trick on Schoology our learning management system (LMS). It’s super easy and obvious but, one I should have thought of before. Basically I work out an exam key and take a photo of it. Schoology has an option that allows me to post a photo from my phone directly to a class as a post, so I can share the solution key with all my students at once with their devices.

This is so quick and easy. I can work out the solution and post it while my students do the practice quiz, and then I can circulate and check their work as they look at my solutions.


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