Semester 2 – Day 19 – iPad Mini Set Up Hardware


I wanted to devote this blog post to how I, as a classroom science teacher configured my retina display iPad mini for classroom use. All of what I am posting is personal opinion based on experience, and by necessity some opinions will speak favorably of specific apps and hardware.

Hardware Configuration – (Read if you are new!)
The ipad itself comes with a charger, and well an iPad. This meant that I had to purchase a set of accessories to get my iPad as easy to use as possible.
To this end I went with
1) Logitech Ultra-thin Keyboard Cover for iPad Mini


This particular keyboard is perfect for the iPad mini as it doubles as a protective case. There is a higher-end model that also has a protective “folder”.

2) Zagg iPad mini Shield Protector

I wanted to protect the screen itself from minor damage and smudges so I purchased this particular screen protector. At $24.99, this item is a steal, for Zagg that is…but I haven’t found any cheaper.

3) Pencil 53 from

I decided to go with this stylus (pricey as it is) because, frankly it’s really nice and as a teacher who writes lots of equations, I think it would be nice to have a good stylus. This particular one was recommended to me by a colleague who went to architecture school. I trust architects as they, by training, have an excellent sense of utility and design.

4) Airplay App for older Macbook Pros


While not strictly hardware, this is related to how I plan to configure my iPad, so I thought I would include it. Reflector allows iPad’s and iPhones the option of Airplay through older Mac models. There is a desktop app which I downloaded, and a $12 registration. I can now share my iPad screen from anywhere in my classroom.


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