Semester 2 – Day 12


I am really glad I am choosing this method of homework review, namely providing videos and PDF solutions on an easily accessible website. It allows me to put more of the onus on students to be more active in their learning. Here are some the advantages I am seeing:

  • Students can go at their own pace through the solutions and can use videos if necessary¬†
  • Students can review as many times as they need to
  • Students don’t have to work at my pace, and I don’t have to manage a classroom
  • I can focus on individual students at the exact place they are stuck
  • I can manage learned helplessness better by emphasizing to students the necessity of looking over my solutions before asking me for help.

For example, in the question I’ve shown above, many of my students looked at my solution key and asked me how to do #2 since I only gave them the answer. Rather than giving them the answer, I directed them to use problem #1 to guide them and THEN ask me questions if they were still stuck. This was much more effective because students found themselves self-sufficient, and the ones who were REALLY stuck were easier to diagnose. Since the rest of the class consisted of self-sufficient students going at their own pace, I could help these individuals more effectively. I definitely want to continue this way of reviewing homework

3 thoughts on “Semester 2 – Day 12

  1. This sounds great. Have you considered getting the students to make the videos? I’m thinking that might be good for my AP class.

  2. This sounds great! Have you considered getting the students to make the videos? I’m thinking about trying that in my AP class for FRQ practice.

  3. Amanda, I love that idea. This might be the tired teacher in me, but this particular class just can’t seem to hang. What they would produce would be a complete disaster. I think I would need to scaffold them through the process. So, I guess next steps would be showing them how I produced a video and making a rubric…

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