Semester 2 – Day 11



I tried something new today to follow up with homework. I gave students a link to a website with video solutions and a PDF solution packet. What used to take me 25 minutes and lots of classroom management (Read: telling students to be quiet) took 15 minutes and allowed me to focus on students that wanted follow up help. Each student went at her or his own pace, and when I asked them how to rank it on a scale of 1(don’t like) to 5(love) , the process got all 4’s and 5’s.

It’s not that I am abandoning teaching and only making them look at videos, but rather making them take accountability for their learning and following up with me after they have actually looked at the material. I think this helps with some of the learned helplessness, and gets students more willing to try to engage with the material. We will see how this plays out on the exams and quizzes.

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