Day 40

With the first quarter ended, I conclude that I am teaching an interesting group of AP students this year in mechanics C. Specifically, I have never met. group of students so worried that their reasoning is “correct” before they are willing to commit it to paper or whiteboard.

Unfortunately the AP exam almost seems designed for people who are willing to take intellectual risks and try out theoretical ideas simply to see where they might lead.

How can I create an environment where taking such intellectual risk feels like fun thing to play at rather than a high-stakes deadly game?


One thought on “Day 40

  1. I hear you. I had some comments on my reflections today that said they were afraid to ask questions and that I should tell them how to do everything before we whiteboard so they won’t be embarrassed. Not a ton, but enough to be concerning. I thought I was setting up a good environment to ask questions and make mistakes, but apparently that message isn’t getting to everyone.

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