Day 34


So I decided to pull the trigger and join the AMTA. I think it is only fitting as I am learning the technique under the tutelage of a long-time modeler, Kim Freudenberg .

After emailing the organization, I must confess I feel rather reassured. I was told it takes about 10 years to master it. Good, because my classroom last year was what I would call “modelling-friendly”, and this year, my full-on modelling experience is very uncomfortable when it comes to letting students present whiteboards.

I am completely embracing the pained silence as students awkwardly look for lint to pick off their clothes as they wait for me to model questioning (optimistic appraisal) or simply do their thinking for them (pessimistic appraisal).

In truth, I am forgetting that students are used to power point presentations. Innovation in many of their classes is considered to be video lectures that they watch at home. The problem is this is still the transmission model of learning, which seems to not work in physics:

I am not singling out Sal Khan in particular, but the idea that a lecture really teaches students anything. I would love to go over problem sets with students in class. My experience is, that I end up spending more time on classroom management than anything else. Why shouldn’t they do the heavy lifting , and I can simply step in when they really need the help. Of course, “really need the help” is the art of teaching, I am not sure which TPE that is on the California Teaching Performance Expectations of teachers, but that’s a whole other can of worms…


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