Day 32

I decided to do something a little bit different with the whiteboards in both AP and Regular physics today.

Students came in wanting homework help, and I thought it might be useful to have them ask each other questions, rather than just me.


Before I let students write up their solutions on whiteboards, I gave them instructions on how I wanted the solutions written. When students found that they were unsure if their answer was correct, I asked them to write the reason they were doubtful of their answer. This helped a lot, because I tend to want to “fix” things with my students and give them the right answer. This helped students feel supported knowing that their concern was being  addressed.  But I’m not enabling them in a way that fosters learned helplessness. They are taking responsibility for not knowing the answer, and they are sharing this with their classmates who might also be stuck in the same part of the problem. Next time I hope to get them discussing where they were stuck as class with less intervention and “teaching” (read: “unhelpful transmission of knowledge”)  from me.

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