Day 26


Today felt like a much better day with whiteboard presentations. 2 things came to mind as I was working. Firstly, I encouraged students to embrace the awkwardness. Secondly, I followed the process myself and did not correct any whiteboard errors until students were at the front.

This was my first experience with whiteboard presentations in which I really attempted to follow the modelling curriculum and teaching style.

I realized that it was okay for me to demonstrate how to ask questions. As I did so I urged students to look at the worksheets. If they noticed an answer being presented was different than their answer one of two things needed to happen: either their worksheet needed to change, or they needed to say something about what was being presented.

Honestly, it took me four tries to feel comfortable with it.

The first block I worked with was yesterday’s and I had my colleague help me.

The rest of today was basically me working with 3 other blocks. By the time I got to my last block , things felt much smoother. It WAS tedious and boring. It was also clear that students really understood the material when THEY were the ones raising their hands and questioning their peers rather than me.

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