Day 15


I had a pretty uneventful day with the students, save for one disturbing fact:

They have no idea what I mean I ask them: “What are the units of the slope?”

For example when I give them a data table like this (straight out of the modelling curriculum)

Temp (°C)                            Yeast Growth (Cells)
0°                                                            25
5°                                                            35
10°                                                           45
15°                                                            55

they are able to graph the data, correctly, determine the independent and dependent variables, calculate the slope and the intercept, and write the equation of the line. What they seem to fail at is the units of the slope.

I have seen the following answers

m = 2   m = 2 Temp/Yeast     m = 2 °   m = 2 Cells.

I just don’t know what to do, but I know how to find out. Off to the Twitterverse and to talk to my colleagues!

The solution? Ask a colleague


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