Day 8

2:47 P.M.

Block 4,5,6  (Physics 1,2)

Things went really well today as I guided students through the writing of their lab report. This was quite a bit of direct instruction, but I felt comfortable because it really required them to watch me model something and then do it themselves.

One of other teachers had written up a format for lab reports. We simply went through it step by step.

I want to end this week very simply by leaving myself a warning for next year. When dealing with a variety of devices in the classroom it is important to choose device neutral applications.

For example for linear regression, Excel just won’t work in a class with Chromebooks, Macs, PC’s, Androids, and iPads.

Today I relied on my old friend Wolfram Alpha. Enclosed is a snapshot:

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 8.48.57 AM


Today’s motto: Device neutral.

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