Day 3


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8:37 A.M.

Block 4-6 (Physics 1,2)

I wanted to review the process of my regular physics class in more detail because I think it might be useful to others and it will help me reflect on my own practice. 


This year I am really taking the idea of blogs much further and conscientiously setting out to get students into the process of blogging very early on.

If I were to breakdown the flow of my class in time blocks it would go like this:

  • Min 0 – 5: Attendance, Prayer Housekeeping
  • Min 6-10: Review of Daily Agenda (posted to Google Drive. Link is public and shared on our LMS with students)
  • Min 10-15: I explain the FCI as being set of brainteasers. I tell the students that need to be completely silent. I explain that this is because I need to know how each one of them thinks as individuals. I do permit them to listen to music as they work. I pass out the bubble forms which also has each students name on them. This allows me to practice their names
  • Min 15 – 50: As students take the FCI I do the following things in blogger
    • Create a new blog in my Blogger Account called “Block (Number) Test”
    • I configure an email address for the blog so that students can post to the blog
    • I create a shorten link to the blog
    • I post the following instructions on the projector:
      • Using your smartphone please  email a picture of yourself to


      • Subject: Your Name
      • In the email: 3 things about  yourself you feel comfortable  sharing
      • If you don’t have a smartphone just use your laptop or tablet
      • Go here to see the live blog: [ link here]
    • I also collect parent signature letters that I had students take home to parents that acknowledges that parents read the syllabus with the students and understand the rules of the classroom
  • Min 50 – 70 : Students follow the instructions and see the blog being updated live. I then walk them through the protocol in Blogger to set up their blog.

I think this was a great way to start the second day as it gets students in the process of what we are doing in an engaging way. They enjoyed posting and getting to see each others posts. They now know the way we will post to blogs using mobile devices. I like this method because it can be easier than using a laptop or a Blogger app. It is especially useful when students do not have access to laptops because they are using lab equipment in another space and need to “jot” some notes. A quick blog post can be a great way to do a rough draft. Given that I am eliminating lab notebooks and having them use portfolios in Blogger, this is one of many avenues they can use to post their work.

Furthermore if I create a blog and an email address it can be a great way to do summative assessments around lab work. I could literally have students take 30 minutes to do a lab and post a video to my blog page via email with some text. This is something they could not edit later and would be time-stamped. 

We will see how this works next week when I do the Earth-Moon lab with them.


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