Day 2

Day 2 – 8.22.2013

11:37 A.M.

Block 1 (AP)

Today I decided it is time to hit the ground running. I had 5 goals today

  • Complete the Force Concept Inventory.
  • Have students practice mobile blogging by posting a picture to a splash page with 3 things about themselves they feel comfortable sharing
  • Get students to set up their own blogs for use
  • Have students with laptops download logger pro
  • Give students a mini-blogging activity where they show me 1 J of energy in as many ways as possible

As always I only accomplished the first three and assigned the other two as homework. I think this will be a good way to get students started in our process. Next week I will give them a mini – challenge problem where they will show me 1 J of energy as a warm up.  I’ll give them 30 minutes to do it, and then we will blog.

Block 2 (Physics 1,2)

Having the experience with AP Physics prepared me to get students set up their blogs in regular physics. As with AP we did the force concept inventory and got set up using blogs. The introductory activity of having students email a photo to an email address that posts it to a blogger account has been really engaging. I might start of next year with that activity.

I have included skill steps on how to do this for the interested:


This is a typical post:



Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 11.47.13 AM

Clearly they enjoyed the activity. But more importantly they have a way to blog from their mobile devices when their laptops are out of reach.

While the students took the FCI I created a folder in Google Drive into which I am putting subfolders with every piece of paper handed out in class. This folder is accessible to all my students in the class, and is part of my move to a paperless classroom.



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